This Jaguar said NO SELFIES TODAY!

This Jaguar said NO SELFIES TODAY!

A mid 30s woman has overstepped her boundaries at Wildlife World Zoo in Litchfield Park, Arizona. On this Saturday maybe this jaguar was not feeling any visitors. A female jaguar viscously attacked a woman when she decided to climb over the barrier to take a selfie with the animal. The jaguar seem to see the lady cross the barrier, clawed into her arm, and left very bad lacerations on her arm. With all the commotion going on a bystander at the zoo distracted the jaguar by throwing a water bottle into the cage. The lady was treated on sight by the rural/metro fire department for non-life threating wounds. First thought of this story was “ wow I would be dead”.


After treatment the lady is expected to survive. With the incident that happened the zoo was receiving a lot of attention. There were rumors wondering why the female jaguar instantly snaps on the woman. Another questions raised like “ why was the barrier so low.” Also visitors wondered what would happen to the jaguar. Would it be euthanized or simply transferred to another zoo for attacking a person. The zoo put out a statement saying “ nothing will happen to the jaguar because it is not at fault when barriers are crossed”. I do agree do not kill an animal for trying to protect there self. The jaguar probably thought it was under attack. 

Jaguar probably was like.. LOL

In my own opinion, I believe the zoo or the jaguar should not be at fault. Everyone knows when you visit the zoo do not cross the line, or lean across the glass to do nothing. You simply watch and animal gaze in awe. Taking a selfie with a wild animal is not on my bucket list. SORRY! It is nothing funny about the incident but I always envision the jaguar saying to herself “ NO SEFIES TODAY.’ While leaping onto the woman’s arm. 

Later on the victim did make notice that she does not blame the zoo or the jaguar for the attack. Instead she did a public apology to Wildlife World Zoo. She did describe it as horrifying life-changing experience. A jaguar will not be punished for a selfie gone wrong. She should take fault for going across the barrier of a wild animal. I hope the woman learns a valuable lesson. But as a person with soft feelings and a kind heart I do send prayers and love to her and her wounds. 

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