The Effects on Technology and Friendships. What Do You Think?

The Effects on Technology and Friendships. What Do You Think?

Technology on friendships will always be a touchy subject. The topic has a lot of pros and con that accompany it. Pros could be thing such as technology helping to keep in contact, create more friendships, and helping existing ones become stronger. Cons could be technology making us lose valuable skills that we learned before using technology, contradicting your actual feelings & making friendships dissolve in a negative manner. Technology being social media & other interactions with any digital device. Friendships being anyone that is or than an aqquantince. Technology has an positive effect being technology is evolving more and more everyday. The negative is it evolving too much that it is replacing important things society needs.
With information rapidly changing how we conduct things it is going to have a big effect. Technology has made making friends easy and losing friends easier. Technology offers us the opportunity to know more people, without actually “ knowing” them. Everybody’s personal opinion about the effects has more than likely come from experience or word of mouth. Real friendships require more attention than what is known to be virtual affection. The simple “IM” chat checking on them. Keeping up with friends requires things like face to face interactions, phonecalls and slight intimacy. Technology can not maximize those things. To maintain a Friendship it always needs more attention than what technology gives.
Vlogging my fellow colleagues about the topic was very interesting. Some were positive that technology and friendships do not mix. Some were positive that technology helps friendships destroy friendships. Getting all those different answers make you wonder is technology or is it the friendships itself that cause the effects. Some say technology makes it better because it help you stay connected regardless of anything. Others say it can contradict your friendship in ways such as feelings. You can say a lot of things through social media but never really feel that way. Morgan State University students know the effects , but chooses not to let them destroy friendships. We all know technology is growing, & it is here to say. It is a link to friendships, but does not have to be the center of it. The effects can change back and forth between being negative and positive. You have to want to use technology for the better, to make things such as friendships stronger. If you do than your friendship will prosper and be very blissful

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