“Browser War” … Famous Internet Battle.

“Browser War” … Famous Internet Battle.

Watching “Browser Wars” was very refreshing and furthermore interesting. The 40 minute documentary was a background story on how the internet was born for the world to use. Tim Berner Lee created world wide web in 1983. The documentary also included how two companies such as Microsoft and Netscape Navigator started and added to the world wide web. It gave information on the founders of the companies. Bill Gate of Microsoft and Jim Clark for Netscape communications. They entered into a browser war because both companies had great ideas on furthering the internet. My reaction was pretty shocking because history giving but pleasing also.

Internet is very popular, and has greatly advanced since those companies have started. The documentary showed how Microsoft used money to take ideas from netscape.and even when netscape refused microsoft still stoled those ideas. At the time Netscape was one of the fastest running internet browsers in the world. Netscape did not survive those complications , but still is recognized for being a important starter to making internet better. Microsoft may have defeated Netscape , but microsoft still has competition till this day that is doing wonderful. Competition such as Google and Firefox. The documentary gave an enlightening to what internet is and how it has progressed. Both Companies had great contributions to the internet that is still used until this day.

My initial reaction to the documentary was shocking. I was shocked because of the way Microsoft and its founders choices to make there way to be number one. There scheming ways were very unethical and rude. You should not steal other companies ideas to pretend they are your own. You should not still ideas you have not created. I believe Microsoft thought because they had money to give that they could do whatever they want. Foe the real world it does not work that way. With Netscape not having the resources to extend their ideas Microsoft used that to their own advantage.

My second reaction was me being pleased with the documentary, because it gave me a insight on things that I personally use. It showed me history about something that is an importance to the modern world we live in now. It rises the question “ what if internet was never created?.” Without Tim Berner Lee what would we be using in our everyday internet life. Also the documentary taught me who is responsible for things we use. Oddly it pleased me with shining light on how businesses operate when you have competition, and good competition at that.

My reactions to the film are what we can call normal for anybody that has never seen it before. The documentary as a whole was a truth teller, gives good evidence and facts. Browser Wars was a great documentary, and I recommend it to watch if computer informations or even technology is an interest for you. It shines light on negative things sadly, but also gives history about something that is critical and important to todays society.

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