Comm 240 thoughts..

Comm 240 thoughts..

No other class I have registered for this spring semester has started off like my communication 240 course. My communication 240 course at Morgan State University has started off very upstanding and positive. It gives positive energy and a new modern learning experience. It also have started off very-modern, how I wished all my classes would have. The class is about learning digital media, Which is not my best skill. As a aspiring journalist at my university it is a requirement to take this class. Digital media is very important to modern journalism, because the communication times is changing. My Professor Dr. Patton gives me the feeling that this class will be very hard but fun at the same time. So far the class has started off very good. We did the normal introductions, and went over what is expected from us and herself in the course. When I was listening to her course expectations I was thinking to myself “ this is going to be a lot of work”. After she explained why she does it, I felt more eager than ever to get started. It seems like a self-expression class, and that’s a skill I’m eager to make better. One thing that stood out to me in our second class. She walked in with candy and asked “ what song do you guys wanna hear?”. In my mind I was thinking off back this is different. Before that she already won me over when I seen the candy in her hands as she walked in the door. This course will be my first time having her as a instructor so I’m use to the old fashioned professors I previously had. Then she proceeds to put on “Drake-Gods Plan”. I was shocked that she knows the song and choose to put it on. I instantly thought she is lit and she is hip with music. All because of Dr.Patton vibes I will try my best to put forth the best effort in her class. We haven’t really started much work, but I know for sure the hard stuff haven’t hit us yet. I am ready for it. After talking with peers who have had her previous to this class it eased my mind. She incorporates my favorite social media with the course. Who would not love that. Being on the phone without getting the side eye from the professor is top five the best feeling for scholars. My initial thoughts of the course was blank and I was a little nervous. I had no previous thought because I didn’t know what to expect.Only because I didn’t have the professor before and I didn’t know what this course was going to be about. Looking over the future assignments I see incorporates modern technology and gives us room to freely create what we would like to share with my peers. Even with that structure I am still learning digital media. So I am liking the class, and I am excited to continue working in this comm 240 course.

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